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What is a Private Trip vs. a Public Trip?

Private Trip – A private trip is a private charter, with a fixed cost regardless of the number of guests on the boat. With a private trip, it is assured that the only guests who will be on the boat are the Finz crew members and those that are within the private party–public guests will not be booked onto the trip. Private trips allow Finz staff to provide the best service possible for the group through a catered and unique experience just for them. Spearfishing trips are always private trips.

Public Trip – With a public trip, each guest buys their spot on the boat along with any rental gear that they may need. If a public trip has already started for a given time slot, each additional person is added to the booked trip until the maximum of 6 guests has been reached. Public trips need at least 3 guests signed up in order to run; if there are fewer than 3 people booked by the date of the trip, there is an option to purchase additional spots to enable the trip to run. Public trips often consist of a mix of small groups. Public trip spots are also open to snorkelers at a lower rate.

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