The Face Says It all

That moment when you succeed at doing something new to you.

Now add in that it is already something you love to do, just a new way and you are “hooked.” Finz Took out Jared Jeffries for his first time Snorkel Fishing. Jared Jeffries, former NBA player and now the host of Modern Fishing on the Outdoor Channel got to experience the fun times in Key West that we are fortunate enough to have on a regular basis. Snorkeling fishing is a pretty simple thing to do, as long as you have great teachers and the people who know where the fish are. Captain and Dive Master Robert Trosset and his little brother Chris Trosset took Jared out to the Dry Tortugas for 2 days of Snorkel Fishing. Needless to say, if you think you’ve done it all in Key West we are here to show you something different and so much fun. Small Fishing Rod with some helpful tips and a great captain, you’ll have your catch for dinner in no time.

Robert and Chris Trosset with Jared Jeffries

Robert and Chris Trosset with Jared Jeffries



Snorkel Fishing, It’s a Reel Underwater Experience.

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