Snorkel Fishing Trips

At Finz we are always looking for fun ways to get out on the ocean. Finz Snorkel Fishing is the newest way we can have fun! We have combined the best part of fishing with the best parts of snorkeling and created an interactive experience like no other. With our custom built waterproof rod and reels we actually get into the water and watch what fish do as they bite our line. Floating on the surface and looking down at the action causes a new understanding of how fish react and interact when we fish for them. You can’t explain how exciting it is to see the fish swimming on the bottom, drop your line to them, watch them eat your bait, and reel it in from the water.

Finz Snorkel Fishing can be done in some areas that are protected from spearfishing meaning the fish are bigger and so is the excitement. Come try this new way to fish and see for yourself how exhilarating it can be!

Finz Snorkel Fishing trips are best done on a full day Tortugas trip but can be booked for a 4,6 or 8-hour private charter.

The History of Snorkel Fishing

Finz Dive Center likes to keep things fun and interesting. One afternoon while we had some down time we started to come up with new ideas on fun family trips to do. Captain Robert came up with snorkel fishing, yes that is right snorkel fishing! Two of the best things to do on the water fishing and snorkeling. unlike spear fishing there is no need to dive down and hunt the fish, Armed with a hand reel and bait, we swim around spot the fish you want to catch, lower the bait and hook in front of the target species and let the fight began. recently we took film crew to the Dry Tortugas national park to try this out and let me tell you it was a blast. Masks leaking from all the laughter and smiles. Hog fish, grouper that got away, Yellow tail snapper, Mutton snapper, it was a blast.